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Giving Life to An Old Piece


We have all been there. We look at a beautiful piece of furniture that we own or that we see in a store and absolutely adore the shape and the bones but have grown tired of the color or the condition of the piece. Maybe the piece is super old but still has character that you could add a modern twist to!

As the sales manager at Loveseat, one of the questions I get asked most often is how to paint a piece. Most customers want an easy pop of color to camouflage flaws or do achieve that shabby chic look that everyone is loving these days. For all skill levels, my answer is chalk paint! Chalk paint requires no sanding, stripping, or priming. It requires few tools and is so much fun to use! So grab your paint brush and follow the steps below to transform your piece.

First, not all chalk paints are created equal. I have used many different brands on my painting journeys - some great and some not so much. Recently, DIY Paint Co. sent us some samples and I couldn't wait to give their brand a try. You can go online to to find your local retailer. They sent me the most beautiful shade of blue that I chose to use on this piece. I couldn't be more pleased with the results of this paint!




  1. Choose your favorite Pandora Station and jam out! You definitely cannot create anything without proper music!

  2. Pick out the piece you would like to transform! I used an old nightstand that truly needed a facelift.

  3. Make any modifications to the piece that you want and remove all hardware. I chose to take the back out of my piece because I wanted a more open piece. Feel free to get as daring as you can!

  4. Wipe the surface of the furniture clean. You can use an old cloth with some water and soap - you want to get any surface dust off. Chalk paint will adhere to any surface without having to prep or sand!

  5. Shake your paint WELL. Go on and burn some calories! Shake that paint can well and make sure it is mixed thoroughly and pour it into a smaller cup or bottle. Chalk paint dries fairly quickly and is much easier to use from a smaller container.


  1. Go ahead and **paint! **Get a good brush out and make sure you paint in the same direction. As with painting anything, do not overload your brush with paint or you’ll find yourself with a huge mess. A little goes a long way! There are special brushes for chalk paint if you’re interested in trying one out but I find a normal paint brush does the trick just fine!

  2. Let your piece dry! Make sure your first coat dries completely before applying your second coat so that the paint dries evenly.

  3. Once your second coat has dried you can decide whether or not you want to distress it or not. I chose to distress. I mean why not?! Make that piece have some more character. I took some sand paper and sanded down where you would find normal wear on the piece. For example, that would be edges, top and where the drawer pulls are.


  1. Once all of your distressing is complete it’s time to seal it on up. You can use a wax or other sealant depending on your preference. This step is important to increase the longevity of the piece. Some companies even have a dark wax to create a more antique look. I chose to use a sealant that was provided by DIY Paint Co. just to give it a go! Paint the seal on just like you did the paint. If you are using wax, you can use a clean cloth and wipe the piece down as you go. Make sure you allow enough time for the piece to fully cure after this step. I would definitely recommend you leave it overnight.

  2. Pick out quirky new hardware or attach the original hardware. There are so many cool hardware options now the possibilities are endless so feel free to get adventurous!


  1. Photograph and post to your instagram or share with friends your masterpiece.


This was pretty easy right?? Let me know if you have any additional questions in the comment section below. Also, please let me know what you would like to see on the next blog. I am always open for suggestions!

Hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial and come visit me!

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