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The "Boho Chic" decor reached peak popularity this year after being changed and modified for over the past several years! Who doesn't love the idea of traveling in a vintage Volkswagen van with no responsibilities other than to experience the world? Hair blowing in the wind, sunshine on your face. I shouldn't speak for everyone, but the idea definitely appeals to me. The idea of van life and the "freeness" of it all has become a top trend everywhere from San Diego to New York and all over your favorite Pinterest board (c'mon, we know you have one)! Bohemian decor is also about the energy a space exudes and the textures and colors that make it feel like an escape. So why not transform your space into a magical haven that will allow you to get away without the travel expense?!

Bohemian style comes from an unconventional mixture of styles. It is very eclectic and brings in decor and pieces from every design genre and period. It is insanely easy to bring your own style and personality to this design. After all, this is what designing your interior is all about- bringing your own experiences and passions into one space. Remember to let your free spirit flow! Pieces don't have to be a perfect match, they just have to flow! I will give you some tips on how to achieve this look and make some recommendations- but remember to make the space yours and to do what makes you happy!

Since this style is eclectic, it's easy to go from a well-designed space to a space that looks like you just threw every piece from your grandma's dusty attic into one room. It's important to stick with a color palette. One that may work well for you is nature inspired hues like creams, greens or blues! Again, this is just a suggestion! This design style is all about you and empowering yourself to create a space that will bring you back to life each and every time you cross its threshold! Don't go with popular design styles that are currently on trend- go with what you like and what makes you smile. Be unconventional- be bold!

Art is the backbone to this style. Walls are the blank canvas. Utilize pieces like tapestries and macrame to fill the space. It is important to incorporate different textures and patterns. Take a look at our decor section - we have a great variety of pieces that may fit your style and help to tie your space together! Use a screen as artwork or as your headboard. Some of my favorites are below!


Now, if you're asking yourself what furniture I put into this style of room - honestly, I like to mix all styles and whatever is appealing to my eye in that moment. I love to transform unconventional pieces into conventional, functional pieces! Like I said above, I love to use a screen as a headboard! If you took a trip somewhere, incorporate that into your room with that style to take you back to that place. Diversity and variety are all important in achieving this style. Below, you can see some of our pieces that I think would be great in a boho room! As you can see they are all different styles.


You can also go a little more traditional with "boho chic" and do more rattan and coastal inspired elements. After all, it's all up to you, let your heart run wild on this one! There are no rules!

This topic will definitely be discussed further in additional posts but this is for you to start thinking about some possible ideas for your own space. Until next time my friends!!!

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