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Tis the Season of Mismatched Chairs


AnnieThe holiday season is upon us. The sound of holiday music is beginning to fill the air and the excitement of having friends and family over for Thanksgiving and through the holiday season is beginning to take over! Actually, on second thought - if the idea of your friends and family crowding into your small apartment with little to no seating stresses you out - we totally understand and are here to help! I have some great suggestions for you, specifically, on how to mix and match your dining chairs and how to add unconventional pieces to your space that can double as seating to make it comfy for everyone -- even that difficult aunt who is the hardest to please!

First, we’ll start with mismatched seating options for your dining table. Forget the old rule that everything has to match. You’ve been told constantly that the wood of your table must match the wood of your chairs or the style of chairs must be the same - throw this rule out the window! It is outdated and you can absolutely pull off an eclectic look in a chic way by adding different styles around your dining table. The mismatched chair is actually a current trend and adds character and personality to a space. I’m willing to bet you have seen this particular trend all over Pinterest - it always seems effortless but can actually be a little tricky pull off! Here are some tips to consider when attempting this look!


Annie**Make sure the height of the chairs are similar.** You don’t want one person on a stool looking down on everyone else in small, short chairs! As a general rule, make sure that all parties are on a similar plane.

Feel free to mix chairs with different styles from different periods of time. Make sure to look for styles that have similar lines that compliment each other. Go ahead and mix that country chic ladder back chair with a mid century chair - I dare you!

Mix the old with the new. You may already have perfectly amazing new chairs but need a couple of extras for those holiday gatherings. Bring in two vintage captains chairs and place them at the heads of the table. Also, industrial chic is super trendy right now so why not add in some low metal stools or office chairs into your mix?

Add pairs of the same chairs to the group if possible. This is not always easy to accomplish but if you have two chairs that are the same it can be easier to pull off an eclectic mix while remaining cohesive.

AnniePull out those living room chairs for extra seating and place them at the heads of the table as anchor pieces.This will make everyone fight for those comfy chairs to be kings and queens of your Thanksgiving spread!

I have attached a few pieces from our current inventory to help you achieve this look. Go ahead and comment below if you have any questions and I will be sure to get back to you!TW-1


AnnieAnother option to aid in your seating dilemma is to add floor seating or a low bench! There is something very intimate about this style. We can thank countries like Japan, Morocco, India, Turkey and Egypt for this amazing trend. **Take your coffee table, grab some floor pillows and poufs and voila - more comfy seating!** Anything goes with this seating option! Just make sure your color palette is cohesive and don't be afraid of a little color or fun textures! Let your bohemian dreams run wild! *If you aren’t already sold on the idea, I have to add that sitting on the floor has many health benefits. It helps in proper digestion and promotes blood flow in the body and the heart.* It even has been linked to weight loss! Who knew?! Go ahead and eat that extra slice of pumpkin pie!

Below are some coffee table and poufs that I am loving right now in store!TH


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