Feast Your Eyes and Soul

Feast Your Eyes and Soul

Do you ever wonder why your space looks like it’s missing something? You have scoured and curated an amazing collection of pieces and freshly painted your walls to create a cohesive color palette but still can't put your finger on why it doesn't look complete? The answer is texture. Your space needs texture! Texture is often overlooked and is a super important component to design that is constantly overlooked. It helps to to pull everything together and plays on the senses by adding depth and dimension to a space. This element will bring your room to the next level without breaking the bank.

Here are some simple tips and tricks to follow when incorporating texture into your space! Under each example, view the pieces that match in store here at Loveseat!

1. Choose the right elements for your space
If you want a more intimate look and feel, choose wood, plush fabrics, woven surfaces, and natural fabrics for the floors and surfaces to add texture to the space. If a more streamlined look is what you're after, try lacquer, plastics, metals, and glass. Remember though that the best decorated rooms have a balance of all elements!

This Tommy Bahama Bench is great to add some visual texture.The circles on the side add extra details and is made of a natural material. These equipale chairs are perfect for adding natural elements into your space. I would cozy them up with a luxurious throw or shaggy pillow that would add depth to the space. I am loving this rattan glass top end table. It has the visual texture on the side with the openness of the glass on top. Who doesn’t love a bar cart? They are so versatile and can be styled with several different items to add personality to a space. This particular piece has interesting lines and is a more natural material with a glass top and would be great in a more bohemian space. Stay tuned on the next blog on how to actually style these guys.

This wicker chair boasts gorgeous lines and natural textures. Warm this piece up with a nice area rug and throw and add a plant to add some life to the space. This metal trunk would make an amazing coffee table. I can just see the patina and age on this one. Since it is very industrial I would try to pair it with more comfortable fabrics and area rugs to soften the space.


2. Create Balance
In a room with ultra-sleek floors, try using an animal print or fluffy rug. Alternatively, use furniture with highly textured upholstery - It could be anything from your favorite velvet sofa to that faux sheepskin rug over your leather chair to give more dimension to the room. This velvet arm chair is perfect to warm up any sitting area. See our previous blog on how to style with velvet.These area rugs can be used both on the floor and/or to drape on a chair or sofa - you could even add the printed one to a wall to keep the texture at eye level!


3. Use Nature
Nature is extremely calming and brings us back to our roots. Try using plants or succulents to add life to your home. You can also add things like gems, stones, animal horns or shells to add dimension and remind you of the outdoors to create a more relaxed space. I love this seashell hanging planter. It creates great interest and can house your beloved house plant in a unique way! These fun little accessories can add some focal points to your room.


4. Power of Accessories
Texture can be used in place of color. Instead of accent colors, think accent textures and surfaces. You can use those amazing tapestry or macrame pieces that you are lusting after to add to your walls. Fluffy, velvet and embellished pillows may be a good cheap alternative as well.
Making a basket wall adds so much texture and so easy and fun to do. Grab baskets of all different sizes and hand in groupings to create inexpensive eye candy for your walls. This would be perfect to add to a kitchen or dining space!

The wall tapestry is big this year and adds more texture and dimension than just a framed print. This one brings in earthy tones to relax the mind!

This pillow cover is one of my favorites. It has so much texture and a really fun print to liven up your space. I also love anything velvet to cozy up to so these pillows are a great choice.

Dream catcher-- enough said.I absolutely adore these wood platters- you can add candles or place it on your coffee table with fun, interesting objects. They don't just have to be used for food. Nature wins again!


5. Moderation
As with most things, texture should be used in moderation. Do not overwhelm your space with so many textures that your senses are overwhelmed - keep your space balanced.