The Styled Bookcase

Do you peruse Pinterest and interior blogs and notice perfectly styled bookcases that you can’t seem to recreate?

The Styled Bookcase

Do you peruse Pinterest and interior blogs and notice perfectly styled bookcases that you can’t seem to recreate? It’s tough to master the organized bookshelf without it looking overdone. The cool thing about bookshelves is that they can house items that are personal and important to you. It gives your guests a little insight into your life, travels and interests. Here are a few tips to make your bookcase a true piece of art!

1. Add layers

Layers are very important. They help to create interest and depth - think about varying heights to provoke visual interest and fill out the space.

2. Try arranging your books by color and varying placement

This is no time to break out any old book! Look for books with beautiful details and spines in matching or complimentary colors. Vintage books are amazing and look great mixed in with modern novels. Use varying sizes and organize them vertically and horizontally to add interest. You can also group your books by color for a more polished look. To add style and personality, add the objects you want to place around your book and coordinate based on colors and materials that go well together.

3. Decorative objects

Like we mentioned above, decorative objects are very important. You should limit one focal piece per shelf so bring on the sculptures, vases and trinkets you’ve collected over time! Think about texture - you can add baskets, woven or metal objects.

4. Bring in artwork

Okay, we all know you love your family but we don't necessarily need to see the family tree. It’s okay to add a few photos of the family but don’t overdo it. You can incorporate other art as well to keep things fun and interesting! Your favorite vintage postcard can be framed and propped up against a back wall and mixed in with other objects you select. It’s a great way to showcase fun things from your travels.

5. Think in odd numbers

This is where the rule of three’s comes into play. As a general rule objects look better when grouped in odd numbers. Stack three books horizontally or arrange three objects with varying heights that go well together. Honestly, just group in threes and you will be a design star!

I hope these tips help you with your next bookcase project. Feel free to stop in anytime to pick our brain! We would love to help you with your planning - we love a good project!

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